Best Final Fantasy Quotes – The Top 10 from the Series

The Final Fantasy series is known for its aesthetic beauty as much as its storytelling prowess. In this article, we’re going to focus on the latter and take a look at some of the dialogues that hit hard in the series. The writing in the franchise has been consistently great throughout, but some lines stick with us for longer than others. 

In this completely subjective list, we’ve narrowed down the best Final Fantasy quotes of all time. It’s not expected that your list will be the same, but we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section at the end!


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10. “I’m gonna be a blitzball…” (Final Fantasy X)

I'm gonna be a blitzball - Final Fantasy 10
I’m gonna be a blitzball – Final Fantasy 10

Let’s kick things off with a silly light-hearted line from Final Fantasy X. While exploring Kilika with Tidus, you’ll encounter an enthusiastic young boy running around at one of the resting houses in the village. 

When you interact with the boy, he happily proclaims that “I’m gonna be a blitzball when I grow up!”

Obviously, this isn’t actually one of the best quotes in Final Fantasy, but the error does add to the loveable goofiness that’s present throughout the series, and it certainly provided me with a hearty laugh!

9. “I’m more complex than you think” Squall (Final Fantasy VIII)

I'm more complex than you think - Squall
I’m more complex than you think – Squall

I’ve included this quote as I think Squall gets a lot of unnecessary hate in Final Fantasy 8. He has long been accused of being dull and lacking life, but his reserved nature is part of what adds to the intrigue of his character. 

This is perfectly surmised in a largely unremarkable dialogue between Squall and Quistis. After Quistis proclaims to be beginning to understand him, Squall responds with:

“I’m more complex than you think.”

I think this accurately represents the mystique that the writers of Final Fantasy 8 were trying to create with the love-him-or-hate-him character that is Squall Leonhart

8. “Drink your goddamn TEA!” Cid (Final Fantasy VII)

Cid - Drink your goddam tea!
Cid – Drink your goddam tea!

Another silly one here, but it perfectly fits Cid’s character in Final Fantasy VII

While exploring Rocket Town, Cloud eventually encounters an overly hospitable Cid, who orders him to “Shut up! Sit your ass down in that chair and drink your goddamn TEA!”

There’s not much to add here, except to say that this was proof that you don’t need voice acting for a good chuckle!

7. “No matter how dark the night…” Lulu (Final Fantasy X)

Lulu - FFX
Lulu – FFX

Lulu is a poised character who chooses her words carefully. It’s no surprise, then, that she delivered some memorable quotes whilst accompanying Tidus and the gang around Spira as Yuna’s guardian. 

One of her best quotes, and one of the best Final Fantasy quotes of all time, is the following: 

“No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew.”

This perfectly illustrates Lulu’s class, and is also a rather apt quote for the real world in present times. 

6. “It’s not a question of can or can’t.” Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

Not a question of can or can't - Lightning
Not a question of can or can’t – Lightning

Lightning is a great protagonist, with a good amount of snark and a subtle humor that I think often went unnoticed. She also had some quotes that will live long in the memory of the franchise, too. 

After revealing her true motivation for getting on the train (for Serah), Hope tells Lightning that he could never do anything like that. Lightning responds with one of the best Final Fantasy quotes of all time:

“It’s not a question of can or can’t. There are some things in life you just do.”

5. “With each passing day…” Balthier (Final Fantasy XII)

Balthier - Final Fantasy 12
Balthier – Final Fantasy 12

Final Fantasy XII was deemed a disappointment by many fans of the series (me not included), but it certainly can’t be said that the game didn’t have some great dialogues between the characters. 

One such line comes from Balthier, the well-spoken, gun-wielding sky pirate. In a rather poignant moment of the story, Balthier professes that “with each passing day, the world finds new and exciting ways to kill a man”. 

Not only does this hit hard within the world of Ivalice, but it’s also worryingly relevant to the society we live in now. It’s for this reason that I think this is one of the best Final Fantasy quotes of the entire series. 

4. “Now! This is it!” Auron (Final Fantasy X)

Now is the time to choose - Auron
Now is the time to choose – Auron

Auron is one of the most quotable characters in the entire franchise, but it wasn’t hard to single out one of his lines. It has to be the following quote from the epic scene that precedes the Lady Yunalesca battle:

“Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!”

The way Auron is able to rally the troops at a critical moment is indicative of how highly they all regard him, and this has to be up there with the best Final Fantasy quotes of all time. 

3. “You don’t need a reason to help people”, Zidane (Final Fantasy IX)

Zidane - Final Fantasy 9
Zidane – Final Fantasy 9

One of the best Final Fantasy quotes ever comes from FFIX’s laid-back protagonist, Zidane. In what can be taken as a general rule for life, Zidane divulges the virtue “You don’t need a reason to help people.” 

If that doesn’t fill you with an urge to be better, I don’t know what will!

2. “Read my lips – mercy is for wimps!” Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)

Read my lips - Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)
Read my lips – Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)

For me, Kefka is the best villain in the entire franchise. He is deliciously evil and seems to genuinely enjoy the misery of others. In all honesty, there are quite a few quotes that could be used for Kefka, but the following one sums up his wicked nature perfectly: 

“Idiot! Read my lips – mercy is for wimps! There’s a reason “oppose” rhymes with “dispose”… If they get in your way, kill them!

I’m sure the Final Fantasy VI writers had fun with Kefka, and they struck gold with this line. For me, this is easily one of the best final fantasy quotes from the franchise, as it perfectly displays the pure evilness of Kefka’s character.  

1. “Listen to my story.” Tidus (Final Fantasy X)

Listen to my story - Tidus
Listen to my story – Tidus

At this point you may have figured that I personally consider Final Fantasy X to be the best Final Fantasy game in the entire series. For this, please excuse my bias, but I did say this list is subjective! 

It gives me the chills whenever I hear Tidus say this line, no matter how many times I’ve replayed the game. With To Zanarkand playing in the background, this brings on a serious bout of nostalgia and always leaves me in a reflective mood. 

“Listen to my story. This may be our last chance.” 

No question, this is the best final fantasy quote in my book.

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