The 10 Best Isaac Trinkets (Repentance Update)

A good trinket can go a long way in the Binding of Isaac, and can sometimes even be the difference between a won run and failed run. With the recent Repentance DLC, a lot of new trinkets entered the game, and a fair few of the old trinkets have been altered. 

Here, we’ve made a list of the 10 best Isaac trinkets. This is completely subjective, of course, and your list may be completely different. If so, let us know in the comment section at the end of the article!


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10. Perfection

Perfection Trinket
Perfection Trinket

Perfection was one of the new trinkets added in the Repentance update and, if you manage to use it successfully, it is easily one of the best Isaac trinkets. 

Perfection gives +10 luck to the player, but there is a caveat. In order to get the bonus, you have to clear 3 floors in a row, so it’s not easy. 

Perfection works well with items such as Holy Mantle and Blanket, as the shield they provide will get you one step closer to the +10 luck reward. 

9. Nose Goblin

Nose Goblin Trinket
Nose Goblin Trinket

As gross as Nose Goblin is, it has been one of my favorite trinkets ever since it was added in the Afterbirth+ DLC. This trinket adds the chance of firing green booger tears that stick to enemies and continue to do damage. 

Unfortunately, the Repentance update nerfed Nose Goblin so the tears only stick to the enemy for 10 seconds, as opposed to the previous 60. Yet, for me, it is still one of the best trinkets in the Binding of Isaac.  

The only problem with this trinket arises if you also carry the Sinus Infection item. They both do the exact same thing so it renders Nose Goblin pretty much useless. 

8. No!

No Trinket
No Trinket

The No! trinket stops all activated items from appearing during a run, leading to the potential for some powerful passive items to be acquired. There is nothing more annoying than completing the first few floors and only encountering activated items of which you can take just one. 

A lot of players would have the No! trinket a lot higher on this last. Whilst I agree that it is one of the best Isaac trinkets, there are others that I’d rather see first. 

7. Paper Clip 

Paper Clip Trinket
Paper Clip Trinket

The Paper Clip is a pretty boring trinket, but it is incredibly useful if you’re struggling to find keys, particularly early on in a run. 

The Paper Clip negates the use of keys for golden chests, and allows the player to open it for free. There’s not much more to be said about it, really. Whenever I see the Paper Clip, I usually pick it up gleefully. 

6. Brain Worm 

Brain Worm Trinket with Brimstone
Brain Worm Trinket with Brimstone

Brain Worm is another new trinket that was added in Repentance and is a great help for those of us (like myself) with terrible aim. If you miss an enemy while holding Brain Worm, the tar will automatically change direction in a 90 degree angle to hit it. 

Brain Worm works particularly well with Brimstone and you can easily melt all of the enemies in the room with one laser beam. 

5. Blessed Penny

Blessed Penny Trinket creates soul hearts
Blessed Penny Trinket creates soul hearts

Before Repentance, there were already a couple of great penny trinkets – Bloody Penny and Counterfeit Penny particularly stand out for me. But when the Blessed Penny was added it immediately became the best of the bunch. 

Blessed Penny gives the chance for half a soul heart to appear each time a coin is picked up. It can be particularly powerful if playing as the Blue Baby or if you’re trying to avoid red heart containers. 

4. Cracked Crown

Cracked Crown Trinket
Cracked Crown Trinket

Cracked Crown, while not as good since the Repentance update, is still easily one of the best trinkets in the Binding of Isaac

In Afterbirth+, Isaac would get a 33% boost to stat upgrades, whereas now this boost is only 20%. If you have Mom’s Box, stat boosts are increased even greater and Cracked Crown becomes incredibly powerful. 

That being said, this item may not be high in many people’s list post-Repentance, as a lot of Isaac players were mad that it was nerfed so hard. 

3. Curved Horn

Curved Horn Trinket
Curved Horn Trinket

Curved Horn is a no-nonsense damage upgrade that will always provide at least +2 damage to Isaac’s tears no matter when you pick it up. 

It is a crowd-pleaser within the Isaac community and it’s not hard to see why. So many runs of mine have been saved by Curved Horn when I was crying out for a damage upgrade. For me, it is right up there with the best Isaac trinkets. 

2. Flat File

Flat File Trinket stops spikes from appearing
Flat File Trinket stops spikes from appearing

Another trinket to have been added in Repentance, Flat File is one of the best Isaac trinkets for survival as it stops all spikes from extending and appearing. That includes the spikes from the Curse Room door, Spiked Rocks, Spiked Chests, Wall Huggers, and more. 

You don’t realise how useful Flat File is until you actually have it. There are tons of spikes in the game, and not having them around makes runs become much more tranquil and stress-free! 

You’ll probably find that you’ll zoom through some of the rooms that were previously troublesome, too.  

1. Cancer

Cancer Trinket
Cancer Trinket

I’m sure it’s no surprise to see the Cancer trinket sitting at the top of this list of the best trinkets in BOI. It really is a phenomenal upgrade and it was nice to see this trinket avoid the nerf list in the Repentance update. 

Having a -2 tear delay is incredibly powerful, no matter which stage of the game you receive it. And the fact that it ignores the tear cap that so many items and trinkets abide by makes it that much better. 

If you can get you hands on Golden Cancer in addition to Mom’s Box, you’re in for a world of fun, as the tear delay benefits of the Cancer trinket will be tripled. 

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