How to get Wakka’s Overdrives in Final Fantasy X

As supporting characters go in video games, Wakka is right up there with the best. He also comes with some great Overdrive abilities to boot. 

There are four different Reels that can be acquired as part of Wakka’s Slots overdrive. One is available from the beginning, whereas the others are required to be unlocked. Fortunately, it is very easy to do so. Here is how to get Wakka’s Overdrives in Final Fantasy X.  


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How to get Wakka’s Overdrives in FFX

In Wakka’s Slot Overdrive ability, each of the Reels have a 20 second timer and a casino-style slot machine appears on the screen in which you have to align the 3-of-a-kind in order to get the most benefits. 

The bonus you receive depends on which Reels you are using. The amount of time remaining after completing the slots can lead to an additional damage bonus, too. The following provides information on each of the Reels, along with how to get Wakka’s Overdrives. 

Element Reels

Elemental Reels - Wakka Overdrive
Elemental Reels – Wakka Overdrive

The first of Wakka’s overdrives is Element Reels. As the name suggests, the icons that are spun in the slots are based on four elements – fire, ice, lightning, and water. 

Aligning three of the same element icon (e.g. Ice-Ice-Ice) will lead to an attack of that element on all of the enemies you are facing in battle. Aligning two icons will lead to elemental damage on one enemy, and aligning none of the icons will lead to a powerful attack on just one enemy (though this will not be elemental). 

How to get Element Reels: Element Reels is the default overdrive ability for Wakka, and does not require unlocking. It is available from the start. 

Attack Reels

Attack Reels - Wakka Overdrive
Attack Reels – Wakka Overdrive

The next overdrive ability is Attack Reels. This is an attack multiplier that is made up of different icons – 1 Hit, 2 Hit, and Miss. If all of the icons aligned are the same, the number of attacks are doubled. The highest number of attacks with this overdrive is 12 (three aligned 2 Hit icons). 

How to get Attack Reels: Attack Reels is a prize in Blitzball tournaments that becomes available as soon as you are able to play Blitzball.  

Status Reels

Status Reels - Wakka Overdrive
Status Reels – Wakka Overdrive

Status Reels is the third Slots ability available for people trying to get Wakka’s overdrives. The icons on the slot machine indicate different status effects. 

The Skull = Darkness, Poison, Silence, and Sleep for three turns. The Egg-timer = Petrification (or Slow if they are immune to Petrification). The Down sign = Full Break. 

Aligning three icons will lead to that status being inflicted on all enemies. Aligning two icons will lead to that status being inflicted on one enemy. Aligning none of the icons just leads to a slightly stronger-than-usual attack being dealt on one enemy. 

How to get Status Reels: To unlock Status Reels, Wakka needs to have participated in 250 battles (fighting battles, not blitzball matches). Once this has happened, and after you have acquired Attack Reels, Status Reels will become available as a prize in a Blitzball league (not a tournament).  

Aurochs Reels

Aurochs Reel - Wakka Overdrive
Aurochs Reel – Wakka Overdrive

The last of Wakka’s Slots overdrive abilities is the Aurochs Reels. The icons in this slot machine are made up of the elemental and status icons from the previous reels, but they also have an extra icon for the Besaid Aurochs blitzball team. 

Aligning all 3 of the Besaid Aurochs icons will lead to a devastatingly powerful attack on all enemies in the battlefield.  

How to get Aurochs Reels: To unlock Aurochs Reels, you must have participated in 450 battles with Wakka and must also have acquired Attack Reels and Status Reels. After this, Auroch Reels will become available as a prize in a blitzball tournament. 

How do I get the Jupiter Sigil?

You must unlock all of the Slots Reels before you get the Jupiter Sigil for Wakka's Celestial Weapon
You must unlock all of the Slots Reels before you get the Jupiter Sigil for Wakka’s Celestial Weapon

Once you get Wakka’s overdrives, the next prize is to get the Jupiter Sigil. This is necessary in order to obtain Wakka’s Celestial Weapon. Once you have all of Wakka’s Slots overdrives, the Jupiter Sigil will appear as a prize if you win the Blitzball League. 

A quick tip to make the Jupiter Sigil appear as a prize quickly is to Reset Data on the Blitzball menu until it eventually turns up as the league prize. 

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